Franschhoek Cellar La Cotte Mill Chenin Blanc

Snoek and freshly baked bread is a nostalgic meal for Franschhoek Cellar chef, Karen du Toit. “One of my favourite childhood memories is my Dad making snoek in this traditional way, and I would stand by his side and watch his every move. That’s the way we ate the snoek…with bread and homemade apricot jam. There was always a jar of jam to give to someone when they came to visit.”  According to Karen the sweet and savoury notes of the snoek and bread sing with Franschhoek Cellar La Cotte Mill Chenin Blanc, as it is similarly bursting with ripe citrus and tropical flavours.

Download Karen’s Recipe to try this at home: Chef Karen’s Classic Sweet Snoek & Bread