#DrinkChenin – A toast to South Africa’s favourite noble variety
20 June 2020

The Chenin grape is incredibly versatile, which, depending on the winemaker’s skill, can lead to a variety of delicious premium wines,

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Baker Station Shiraz
Warm-up this winter with delicious reds from Franschhoek Cellar

Winter is just starting to make its icy presence felt, which means it is the time of year to crack open your favourite bottle of red wine.

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Sauvignon Blanc
Celebrate Sauvignon Blanc Day with Franschhoek Cellar

On Friday, 3 May 2019, International Sauvignon Blanc day will be celebrated all over the world by lovers of this variety

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Franschhoek Cellar Harvest 2019
Franschhoek Cellar Harvest Forecast: Early days, but 2019 vintage looks promising

Poet Ralph Waldo Emmerson famously said, “Nature never hurries, atom by atom, little by little, she achieves her work”.

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White wines to drink this summer – inspired by Franschhoek Cellar’s seasonal menu

It is mid-summer and to keep yourself from wilting in the searing heat, it is a good plan to always have some excellent white wine on ice.

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October is all about Pinotage at Franschhoek Cellar

So Africa’s national grape, and with good reason. Pinotage is responsible for some of the most popular and characterful wines in the country.

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